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Prologue: I'm not screening spoilers that are available from the trailers, so read at your own risk, I guess.

Watched Planet of the Dead an it was awwwwweeeesome! I mean, some of it was stupid (seer woman, gtfo of my episode, as well as the few random, unnecessary deaths), but most of it was great. Randomly hilarious one-off characters, sexy sexy banter, high-class thievery, the Doctor being bossed around, the Doctor bossing other people around, UNIT <3, MALCOLM <3333, the Doctor getting KISSED... AHHH.

All in all, this was a romp of an episode, and while it wasn't up to Doctor Who's true standards of brilliance, it was GREAT HEAPS OF FUN, AND I ENJOYED MYSELF IMMENSELY.

Also, now that I've gotten back into the Doctor Who spirit, I finally looked up casting spoilers and OH MY FUCKING GOD, the companion for the Christmas specials is EFFING WILF THE DILF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY LIFE = COMPLETE. I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL CHRISTMAS FOR THIS. WHEREFORE MUST I PINE FOR SO LONG A DURATION?

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Seer woman was in the wrong episode, seriously. I like creepy seer ladies as much as anyone, but whaaaaaaat. I'm pleased about her ending prophecy though. HE WILL KNOCK FOUR TIMES. haha. super dramatic.

I'm wondering if Wilf might not be more appropriately titled The Gilf, since he is more of a grandfather, after all.

ALSO, as excited as I am about Wilf and for you, I AM SO MUCH MORE EXCITED ABOUT JOHN SIMM. mr. saxon: change we can believe in.

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I loved it too! I didn't have very high hopes 'cause people were saying it wasn't that great, but I enjoyed the hell out of it. MAGIC FLYING BUS FTW.


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I've decided the seer lady was put in by the Master to herald his grand and dramatic return. :D

The bossing! And the desert-romping! So much fun!

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Is it just me or did Catwoman there look an awful lot like Eve Myles: The Improved Version.