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search soleil ([personal profile] searchsoleil) wrote2009-04-12 01:43 am


Prologue: I'm not screening spoilers that are available from the trailers, so read at your own risk, I guess.

Watched Planet of the Dead an it was awwwwweeeesome! I mean, some of it was stupid (seer woman, gtfo of my episode, as well as the few random, unnecessary deaths), but most of it was great. Randomly hilarious one-off characters, sexy sexy banter, high-class thievery, the Doctor being bossed around, the Doctor bossing other people around, UNIT <3, MALCOLM <3333, the Doctor getting KISSED... AHHH.

All in all, this was a romp of an episode, and while it wasn't up to Doctor Who's true standards of brilliance, it was GREAT HEAPS OF FUN, AND I ENJOYED MYSELF IMMENSELY.

Also, now that I've gotten back into the Doctor Who spirit, I finally looked up casting spoilers and OH MY FUCKING GOD, the companion for the Christmas specials is EFFING WILF THE DILF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY LIFE = COMPLETE. I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL CHRISTMAS FOR THIS. WHEREFORE MUST I PINE FOR SO LONG A DURATION?

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