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I try to discover a little something to make me sweeter...

Thanks for the advice, guys! I'm meeting with major adviser on Thursday and the Study Abroad dean sometime this week as well. I'm going to try to think positively about my future, or not think about it at all. For now, this seems like a good plan. Except that I kind of really need a job for this summer. At this rate I'm going to end up back at the boardwalk. -_-;

I wrote an extremely decent seven page paper in under 10 hours last night/today, which is an interesting achievement for me. "Remembrance and Self-Effacement in Christina Rossetti's Work." Basically I analyzed six poems of hers according to the theme for about 1500 words and then speculated for the other 800 as to why this binary was such a unique and all-encompassing concern for her. Easy-peasy! I love poetry and that class (Victorian Poetry) and am feeling more and more devastated that my last class with this teacher--Erik Gray, love of my intellectual life--is this Wednesday. I'm really afraid I might get choked up. I'm so embarrassing.

In other news, I apparently got chosen from a random draw of openID accounts on Dreamwidth to get an invite code, which is kind of nice (three days ahead of the curve! all registered openID users will receive invites on 4/30). However, I have been totally dithering about what to register as. Here are my current options:

  • search_soleil
  • searchsoleil
  • ssoleil
  • epaulettes

  • Right now I'm leaning toward searchsoleil or epaulettes. What to you guys think? Any suggestions?

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    My vote goes to epaulettes. Every time I see that word now I think of you!

    I keep meaning to check out this Dreamwidth thing, but then I forget. And I normally like picking apart websites in beta and geeky shit like that.

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    Also, re: job for the summer. If I don't get into ACCC's bookstore I might be going back to the summer preschool. I could try get you in if you need. It's really fun, actually.
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    Thanks, if it's not too much trouble!

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    It's not. I only have pull if I'm working there though, so I can't make promises. It's good pay, compared to boardwalk pay (of course, it's shit compared to teacher pay--you normally start at $10/hr, unless the board lightens up this year). You would have to wake up at a decent time, though. =P
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    I woke up at 6:45AM most days for my job at Boba's. My vampirism is a preference, not a condition. :P

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    Alright. Last year I had to be in by 8, I think. 8:30, maybe.
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    Dreamwidth seems really cool so far. They've got a lot of neat features in the works that are specifically tailored for fandom purposes. There are a few really annoying inconveniences from what I've seen, but they're all about to be fixed in the open beta stage. Also, it's really... pink.

    Pssst, seriously, I've heard a substantial rumor that if you register with open ID they will automatically send you an invite when the open beta stage hits. Come and pick with me!

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    I have seen the pink! I LOVE PINK!

    I shall look into the OpenID thing. I love me some beta. I was betaing for a game for awhile, but ugh they didn't get their major lag bugs straightened out so I gave up because I'm not that patient. And while betaing for Dreamwidth is not as seriously awesome as the Stargate Worlds beta I failed to get into it's probably more up my ally since the interwebs make more sense to me than MMOs.

    /beta geeking

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    It is driving me nuts because I am SO CERTAIN that I've read/cited an article by Erik Gray, and I cannot remember for the life of me what it was. >(

    /useless comment.

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    News from the job front:

    I have the job again, the hours are 9AM to 1:30 MON-FRI, $10/hr--too good for me pass up for the bookstore, at least, so I'm back. I have to find out from the board if we need another aide, but things are looking up.

    If you get the job you'll need to be fingerprinted by the state of NJ like, immediately afterward because it takes awhile to go through and we need to know you're not a druggy psycho child killer before you start the job--you might be able to wait until you're back from college for the 'prints since I know you'll probably be busy with finals, I'll see what I can do.

    Should you get the job, I'll type up an overview for you. It's pretty easy and actually pretty fun. Also, there are yummy snacks. And at the end of the summer parents GIVE YOU GIFT CARDS AND SHIT FOR BEING AWESOME.
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    I am reading this via Dreamwidth, OMG!

    I don't have an icons here yet, OMG!

    I'm going to wait on whether or not I want to import my LJ, I think.
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    Whoops, I lied. Totally importing my LJ now.