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They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said that would be illogical.*

Subject title in dedication to my two four-times-over loves right now, the Glee pilot and Star Trek. I've tried to write posts about them, but they've all come out garbled. I've seen them both four times in the space of a month! I love them lots! I follow twitters about them! I've allowed my brain to be infected by the virus known as [ profile] ontd_startrek! Beyond that, my ability to express myself about them falls into incoherency and violent affection!

I don't know why I failed to post for so long, when I had plenty of stuff to talk about. Mostly I think it's because I feel guilty that I haven't been reading my flist. I love you all, so I feel bad when I don't check up on you regularly. :(

I sort of have a job lined up, if the paperwork ever goes through. I spent Memorial Day weekend in Atlantic City with [personal profile] saezutte and my future suitemates and we had lots of fun and one very heated game of Monopoly which I lost miserably. I am a sore loser, but also I was menstrual. It was a recipe for disaster.

I also saw Up. Such a cute, lovely movie. The love for Pixar in my household runs deep and true, so I'm going to see it again with the parents tomorrow and watch my mother freak out with love and my father get teary eyed, because I predict that is what they will do. I predict I will be the embarrassed, but entertained one in the middle.

What has finally driven me to fire up to ol' "Post an Entry" page is that I finished The Demon's Lexicon about 20 minutes ago and I wanted to tell any skeptics on my flist to give it a shot, because it is very, very good.

I didn't love it madly, but that was mostly due to personal preferences. The main character, Nick, brings new levels of definition to the phrase "emotionally constipated," and I had no way to relate to that because I am a big bundle of girlish emotional energy. One of the main conditions that cause me to fall for things really hard is a main character I want to follow to the ends of the Earth, and I did not feel that way about Nick. I thought he was very interesting, but not exactly compelling. And I picked out the twist rather early on, so as the hints got more obvious I started to get a bit impatient with the text.

HOWEVER, I found a different character to love (Jamie, what is it with me and the name James, it is like an affliction), and that turned things around quite a bit for me. I'm sure you will love Jamie, too, because he is awesome. And though I picked out the twist, I was not bored by the journey to it and in fact had room to be surprised about many other things along the way.

And beyond any problems I had with any part of the book, the ending made all of that worth it because it was a very good ending. I loved the way the plot tied up, but I also love that it taught me very firmly how to appreciate Nick at the last possible minute. In many ways, I was blindsided by affection, and all the ways were good.

On to The Demon's Covenant! I am pleased to say I look forward to it with high hopes and no reservations!

*Though she didn't use it in quite the same context, I did steal this joke subject from [ profile] sparkly_stuff, who, incidentally, did a hilarious "I'm on a Boat" rewrite for Star Trek over here.
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STAR TREK. homg my love, it can't be expressed with words. Actually, I'm still kinda shocked that I even liked it in the first place. I mean, I *hated* Star Wars, and due to the similarities of their names I thought my undilating hate would like, just automatically transfer over. Never judge a movie by its title.

That being said, SPOCKKKK~~~ <333

homg you watched Up, am so jealous. ToT Pixar is ♥

Yes, I loved the ending of Demon's Lexicon. That, and the bromance. And my utter and complete love for Alan. *hugs him*

Will now check out that "I'm on a Boat" rewrite~ =D
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[personal profile] wingstodust 2009-06-04 01:35 pm (UTC)(link)
er I meant incessant. Clearly my brain doesn't function this early in the morning. ToT
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[personal profile] glass_icarus 2009-06-04 05:55 pm (UTC)(link)
STAR TREK! \o/ i &hearts it SO MUCH, omg. :D also, shiny fandom is shiny, even though i am still digging in my heels and refusing to jump into it headfirst.