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At least he went out in a fabulous waistcoat. Thank you, costume department.

While I tweet myself through my grieving process, here are three (ish) fanfic classics that

a) Prominently feature Ianto being awesome.
b) Prominently feature Ianto and Jack getting a happy (ish) ending.
c) Have multiple parts or are novella-length.
d) Have well-crafted plots on the epic scale.
e) Left a deep impression on me.

1. The Doctor & Mr Jones by [personal profile] copperbadge. Ianto is a Time Lord! This fic is basically my personal canon.

2. Unfixed Wishes by [ profile] christine_twfan. Ianto activates an alien artifact that allows him to be there for Jack when Jack needs him most, even beyond his own lifetime. This fic has a sequel/companion, Secret Admirer.

3. Get Loved, Make More, Try To Stay Alive by [personal profile] dira.* In which Ianto gets pregnant and time is very wibbly-wobbly indeed.

*Who, by the way, wrote one of my favorite Torchwood reaction posts here. Way to see the positive side!