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Subject title in dedication to my two four-times-over loves right now, the Glee pilot and Star Trek. I've tried to write posts about them, but they've all come out garbled. I've seen them both four times in the space of a month! I love them lots! I follow twitters about them! I've allowed my brain to be infected by the virus known as [ profile] ontd_startrek! Beyond that, my ability to express myself about them falls into incoherency and violent affection!

I don't know why I failed to post for so long, when I had plenty of stuff to talk about. Mostly I think it's because I feel guilty that I haven't been reading my flist. I love you all, so I feel bad when I don't check up on you regularly. :(

I sort of have a job lined up, if the paperwork ever goes through. I spent Memorial Day weekend in Atlantic City with [personal profile] saezutte and my future suitemates and we had lots of fun and one very heated game of Monopoly which I lost miserably. I am a sore loser, but also I was menstrual. It was a recipe for disaster.

I also saw Up. Such a cute, lovely movie. The love for Pixar in my household runs deep and true, so I'm going to see it again with the parents tomorrow and watch my mother freak out with love and my father get teary eyed, because I predict that is what they will do. I predict I will be the embarrassed, but entertained one in the middle.

What has finally driven me to fire up to ol' "Post an Entry" page is that I finished The Demon's Lexicon about 20 minutes ago and I wanted to tell any skeptics on my flist to give it a shot, because it is very, very good.

Short review, no spoilers. )

On to The Demon's Covenant! I am pleased to say I look forward to it with high hopes and no reservations!

*Though she didn't use it in quite the same context, I did steal this joke subject from [ profile] sparkly_stuff, who, incidentally, did a hilarious "I'm on a Boat" rewrite for Star Trek over here.

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Continuing with Dracula, it seems to get less scary and more interesting the more I read.

Also, the more I read, the more weirded out by the many incarnations of Van Helsing I become. WTF Hollywood. WTF, Japan. The Van Helsing of this novel is one of the nicest and coolest Fictional Old Dudes I've ever encountered. He ranks up there with Dumbledore and Wilfred Mott. He is a fucking Yoda, complete with ominous speeches about being ready or not to know the truth/fight the baddie spoken in distinctively broken English. He possibly owns my soul. Is it just because his name sounds so badass that his character gets all these crazy reimaginings?

Also, for the same class (VicLit), I have the proposal for my final paper due tomorrow and I do not know what to write about. Mostly I want to write about the pop culture carry-over/staying power of so many of the books we've read, but no matter how I word it, it comes out sounding extremely unacademic, particularly for this srs bznz Literature class. Think think think. If anyone wants to prompt me (hahaha, academic paper prompts)... Right now Dracula is the focus of my hopes since it's grabbed so much of my attention, but I could have sworn I had mountains to say on many of the other books we've read at other times.

Bother, bother, bother. Think, think, think. :/ :< :(

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Stayed up reading first third of Dracula for class. Was a mistake. Cannot turn off reading light. Afraid to try to sleep. Know am being idiot. Gave self fright going to the bathroom. Know will laugh at self in morning. Off to sooth away with yet more Janto.

P.S. Was tagging and noticed irony of my "stayed up late" tag.

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So I've kind of been ignoring the Intranets in favor of being with people in RL. How strange! How new! I've reached this strange plateau where I am consistently about 70 entries behind on my flist.

Well, behind on everything except [ profile] thremedon and [ profile] mistful. Speaking of, NEW COVERRRR. Speaking of, LASSST CHAPTTTTEEEEEERRRRRRRS.

Some DDG fangirling and some fandom-related ranting. )

Moving on to other aspects of my geekery, I have finally seen the original Star Wars trilogy and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. My nerd cred has received a major boost!

As for other endings I've experienced lately, cut for some anime fangirling of Itazura Na Kiss and Natsume Yuujinchou, minimal spoilers for series/season finales. )

On the RL nerd front, I went to (1) Equus last Wednesday for a pre-season showing and only paid $30 because Columbia is very good to its students. I loved it. I loved it so much I didn't even pay attention to DanRad's exposed package. I also went to (2) NY Anime Fest on Saturday, which was a nice time. I got to hang out with some cool firsties and [ profile] splintercat and her boy-thing. And then, (3) Neil Gaiman's tour stop for NY was at Columbia['s Teachers College]! I take inordinate pride in this. Yay for Columbia supporting the geeky side of book-learning! So I went and had a lovely time listening to Neil be funny and wise for two hours, and now I have a signed copy of The Graveyard Book to show for it, even if I don't know when I'll be able to read beyond the first chapter.

Which brings me to the actually real RL front, where school is sort of getting away from me. I have a paper due for Romantic Poetry on Monday, which happens to be the day of my Psych midterm, and I am not ready for either. Can I write five pages on the use of the word "minstrelsy" in Coleridge's poems? I like the idea because it allows me to explore interpretations we already touched on in class (automatically know I'm not doing it wrong!), but still, writing an entire paper on one word could present a challenge.

(Also, I really want to drop Psych? The readings are unbelievably boring, it really does nothing for my transcript, and I have discovered I have issues with being awake at 8:30 on a Monday morning, surprise surprise. However, I've already promised my friends in that class that I would do a share of the study guide, so I am forced to stay on until the midterm, which is the day before the drop deadline? Dilemma...)

Also, one of my friends--previously referred to on this journal as Paypay--is in the Sign Language Club and has been teaching me things. Today, I learned how to sign "L-U-K-E, I (AM) YOUR FATHER" and "NOOOOOOOO." Also, "What's up, zebra?" is our new unofficial catchsign. You heard it here first.

And thus, this tl;dr post to break all tl;dr posts has come full circle at 6 o'clock in the morning. It is time for me to put this and myself to bed.

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So like, I know I already said this before but THAT GEORGETTE HEYER, SHE'S ACE.

Venetia, God, I might have to name my firstborn that now. If I get around to the children thing. Which isn't likely. But you know it's the thought that counts!

My life right now is basically packing. I tore through Venetia and April Lady (also awesome, BTW) early this week so that I could finally return my overdue library books. (Over a dollar in library fines! Heinous!) And then I went to work Wednesday night and sort of haven't stopped.

Part of that may be that I hardcore cleaned my room in the process. I forgot how huge and empty my room was without the hulking bean bag chair taking up a fifth of it. Also gone are the broken lamp and fraying butterfly chair and many notebooks and magazines of dubious value dating back to approximately grades 5-8. Also, I brought up the bookshelf my Dad got me in May that I previously didn't have room for and it was filled double-shelved in less than half an hour. I've run out of time, so my books were shelved with no forethought at all and in no discernible order, but at least they are out of the gutter of my loft bed, the top of my dresser, and the drawer of my writing desk. They are in stable lines and piles, which is a new state of being for many of them, I must admit.

And anyway, the controlled chaos fills me with giddy anticipation because haha, first weekend home = reorganization and CATALOGING. OH YES. I haven't cataloged since my last sophomore year, so maybe it will be some kind of four year tradition. A TRADITION OF AWESOME. Also, of geekery.

So anyway, I've been cleaning and packing with my mother while my father gets sulky because apparently he cannot accomplish sitting around while everyone else runs about the house shouting about missing bras with much composure. At one point I might have yelled, "GO TWIDDLE YOUR THUMBS" with an undertone that clearly meant something else because I am not very mature, but you know, it never came to blows, which I consider a victory.

Also, my allergies kicked in this morning (on account of the dust, you see), so I spent most of today packing with a head that felt about four sizes too large for my body. At some point, the following conversation occurred:

Me: Mom, I'm sorry I'm being such a ditz right now. If I could just think in a straight line, that would be awesome.
Mom: Sweetie, you being a ditz is not that unusual.
Me: *laughs ruefully* *blows nose for the 136th time*
Me: (cheekily) I must have got it from somewhere.
Mom: Well, it's no wonder.
Me: *thinking it over* (innocently) ...But Mom, you're not a ditz.
Dad: (in the other room) ...

My poor father. I'm sure he says he suffers cruelly.

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Also, regarding the latest episodes of Itazura na Kiss, OH MY GOD, IT IS NEW MOON/ECLIPSE ALL OVER AGAIN. WHAT THE HELL.

Keita actually scares me with how much he resembles the Jacob Black of my imagination (please note that second link is official art from the Japanese edition of New Moon). Plus, the plot parallels are frankly eerie: he's the hot to Irie's cold, he's the best friend who wishes he could be more, his and Irie's rivalry simmers just below Kotoko's notice, etc etc etc. Now all that needs to happen is for Kotoko to cry her eyes out for the equivalent of 500 pages and then to have Irie's baby with Keita playing the emotionally tortured midwife.

ETA: Was that a spoiler? My bad. :/

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I just wanted to make a post talking about how I just cried my eyes out over yet another shoujo manga, this time Honey Hunt. Lots of good things about this manga. The author is the woman who did Hot Gimmick, which I never read, but I always loved the art on the covers. Second, it's about the entertainment industry, so hot guys who sing and fun acting jobs, etc. Can't go wrong. And clincher of clinches, the main character has pretty much been abandoned by her distant celebrity parents and is doing this job to surpass them and to try to find a place where she belongs. I told you I am easily drawn in by this type. It's very pathetic, yet also cathartic. Well, you know.

But then I realized I still haven't talked about Breaking Dawn yet, which I did read. Basically, in my own high-tolerance-for-crap way, I enjoyed it a lot. I was never even squicked. (Thank you for ruining my moral outrage meter forever, yaoi.) Also, I really, honestly, forever, with no reservations, love Jacob Black. Oh, those werewolves, they get me every time. I was glad he got to be a decent person again in the last book. I was ecstatic that he got an entire third to himself. He made a difficult arc bearable. And I am in the minority here, but I really enjoyed Bella's role in the third part. Spoiler )

it became a lot easier to just accept her Mary Sue status and get on with it. Also, the part of me that grew up with all those "each character has a different and exciting power!" shows (Sailor Moon, Captain Planet, X Men, off the top of my head) was utterly fascinated with the vague spoiler ) various talents. New OTP: new characters and related quote ) With regards to the major spoiler ), I was okay with it. Not totally won over characterization-wise, but I thought the way Meyer used it to resolve all those plot threads was respectable.

So there you go. Mock me at will. I'm incorrigible. Didn't stop me from dying a thousand deaths by laughter as I read [ profile] cleolinda's commentary/re-cap. I might yet make a decent lolfan.

Also, the issue with Firefox did indeed vanish when I upgraded to Firefox 3. Though I miss some of my add-ons very acutely, I would rather have any kind of FF over IE. Thanks [ profile] splintercat and [ profile] wyvernrabbit for the advice.

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So... Natsume Yuujinchou is pretty darn cool? I hate the fact that I have this HUGE HUGE WEAKNESS for characters like Natsume. Lost characters who are just aching for a kindred spirit. I hate that I identify with these kinds of people, but I can't help but love them despite myself. AND OH MY GOD, MADARA/NYANKO-SENSEI, WHAT THE SHIT, WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME?

I'm so behind all my other shows, what is wrong with me.

Anyway, I recently finished the Librivox recording of Pride and Prejudice that's done by Karen Savage. HEARTILY RECOMMEND. She has a smart English accent and she "does the voices," but not in a hammy way, which is just how I like it. And then I went nuts and re-read all my favorite P&P fanfic and also maybe Mr Darcy Takes A Wife. Oh self. You so trashy. Although I found it funnier this time around? I'm mildly disturbed saying this, but I actually enjoyed it more having read P&P just before it. Does that make any sense at all?

I have been listening to a prodigious amount of ABBA and ELO. I bought their greatest hits CDs with the last of my iTunes gift card money. ABBA is rather self-explanatory, but oh my God, Electric Light Orchestra. When put up against my recent hardcore classical music immersion after Nodame, their classical touches just send thrills through me. Also, my Dad stole my CD backup of the ABBA and has been playing it non-stop. This included hijacking the mix I painstakingly created for my mother's party, and telling everybody how awesome they are and how they should listen to them, which, I can't even explain how unnecessary that was in my pop-oriented family.

Actually, regarding the party, we were rained out of our usual outdoor location, which rather literally put a damper on things, but we made due at the house, even if it was in no way prepared for visitors. It also put a strain on the theme, seeing as we were no longer in the park, but everyone took that better than my mother. Half of them didn't even get what the theme was, hahaha. It didn't stop us from making them wear (New Years, plastic) top hats!

I also reread How To Marry a Marquis and Sorcery and Cecilia, and in my fit of Regency love, I dragged my mother to two separate libraries one day when our true motive for going out was to acquire a Personal ID card for me from the DMV, since I've given up even the pretext of acquiring a driver's license in the near future. We went to one library before the DMV which required doubling back, and then after the DMV we stopped at the other library which was 20 minutes out of our way. My mother is a saint.

So I acquired To Catch An Heiress, the "prequel" to How To Marry A Marquis, as well as Darcy and Elizabeth: Days and Nights at Pemberly, the sequel to Mr Darcy Takes a Wife. To Catch An Heiress was AMAZING. The ending didn't quite live up to the beginning or middle, but SUCH a beginning and middle! I had to put the book down multiple times because I was laughing so hard I couldn't read for my shaking. Most of those times involved something with Blake's butler who was HILARIOUS. I made a start at Darcy and Elizabeth, but I got 60 pages in with no humor, intrigue, or truly, anything of interest sighted which was about the time I consulted the reviews on amazon and saw that even people who 100% enjoyed the first were thoroughly disappointed by the second and I put the book down like a hot potato. Sigh. I've also acquired Mr Darcy Presents His Wife, which I'm hoping is at least marginally more interesting. Also, These Three Remain (twice in as many months!) and have been rereading favorite passages. My love of Dy only grows upon reacquaintance. And to round out the numbers, I also took out two Heyer books, even though they are in large print, which annoys me. They're Heyer; that should count for everything.

I've made a (very) unofficial goal for myself to have finished 15 books by the end of the summer. Just for reference, I've read 9 books so far: Aidan's Darcy Trilogy, Victory of Eagles, Pride and Prejudice, Mr Darcy Takes A Wife, How To Marry a Marquis, Sorcery and Cecilia, To Catch An Heiress. Don't think I don't see the running theme, it will be broken by Breaking Dawn whenever I get around to that. Speaking of, I avoided the release frenzy on principle, but I'm chafing at all the spoilers on my flist. I swear, when Deathly Hallows came out I barely stumbled over spoilers even when I was looking for them. What the hell, Twilight fandom.

So uh, yes. My week. There you go. OTAKON THIS WEEKEND! I realize I never posted about it here, but I semi-solved the problem of companions. Two of my friends are coming along, even though neither of them is any kind of anime fan. One is intrigued by the novelty, and the other's boyfriend is going to be there. Plus, I'm deep discounting their fare in the hotel since I'd rather have them there than be alone, so it is a cheap weekend away for them. I figure they can ditch me for a few hours if the endless parade of panels and merchandise begins to bore them. They have assured me they are up for a laugh, which is all I really care about. I'm excited! :D

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Hullo Intranets! Lots of things happened in the three weeks since I last checked in (obviously)! In an effort to not bore you with the details, I'll cut every topic so that you can pick and choose from the tl;dr at your leisure!

1. I got fired! )

2. We had family visiting! )
3. I almost had a boyfriend! )

In summary, my real life these past few weeks has been made of failure, and I took it the way I always take it, which is by escaping from it by acquiring a new fandom. Which brings me to points 4 and 5. Please be warned that from here on out, there be SPOILERS.

4. I watched Doctor Who! )
5. I watched Torchwood! )
6. I read Victory of Eagles! )
7. I watched the Avatar finale! )
8. I watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog! )


9. I watched (and hated!) Mamma Mia! )

So anyway, if you have learned anything from this epic post, it is that you should avoid the majority of Mamma Mia! at all possible costs. And that I am most certainly not dead. Now I am going to go help get ready for my mother's annual birthday party/family reunion/picnic in the park which is taking place tomorrow. The theme this year is "Sunday In The Park With George" which we have cheerfully corrupted into parasols, polka dots, and picnic food. What can I say, it makes my mother happy.

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My life has been kind of crazy lately. I've been running around doing lots of summer things, such as going out to movies and staying in to movies and going to birthday parties and the like. I've also been working, which is getting shittier and shittier the longer I'm there. Oh well. Such is life.

I re-read Sailor Moon, which did not hold up as well as I hoped it would to my maturity level. God, when I was in sixth grade, Sailor Moon was my entire universe. How is this manga so mediocre?

After that though, I started watching Nodame Cantabile, which. I have no words. Wow. SO good. Amazing. Heart-warming, hilarious, pretty, thoughtful, educational. Finally got me to listen to my parents collection of classical music. Finally caused me to fall head over heels in love with Tomokazu Seki. To me, this series is on par with Hikaru no Go. It is that good, that epic, that wonderful. It also reminds me a lot of Nobuta, in that it is about a haughty guy who learns how to connect to life with the help of a strange girl. And also, the necessity of human relationships, their interconnectivity, and how love and friendship make the world go round. Superb. 5 million stars. I need an S-Oke shirt for Otakon.

Then I reread Cartograhper's Craft. Which is also superb and wonderful. I never get tired of how unrelentingly clever [ profile] copperbadge's plots and style are. So much fangirlism. How the man does it, I will never know.

This of course led to a re-reading of Come Write Me Down (a prequel to Cartographer's Craft written by [ profile] metallumai, not Sam), which, is heartbreakingly beautiful. Reading them both back to back, I actually like CWMD better, which is upsetting. But I love this Ellis and Sirius so, so much. Their feelings and their goals and their meaning to each other. God, so beautiful. And by stopping before the tear-your-heart-out ending, my love of it isn't tainted by the overbearing angst that puts me off so many Marauder-era fics. It handles the foreshadowing beautifully though.

And now I'm sort of hovering around [ profile] thremedon waiting for people to start posting madly. I want mad posting!

Next books!

The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed.

1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you intend to read.
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Reprint this list in your own LJ so we can try and track down these people who've read 6 and force books upon them ;-)

The books! )

This one is sort of late, but oh well.

Reply to this post with the answers to these questions so that I can get to know you better. Then post it on your journal so you can get to know your flist.

The questions )

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