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Had a nice birthday. Weird that I am officially 20. For the actual day, [ profile] splintercat organized a trip to a Japanese-style karaoke place with private booths and we spent two hours making crazy, loud, off key fools out of ourselves. It was awesome. Also received amazing joke presents from friends from home, [ profile] wyvernrabbit and [ profile] enjoyabel:

1) Gone With the Nerd
2) Modified standing cut-out of Edward Cullen. Mine has sparkly Wonder Woman wrist cuffs, and buttons that say "I Support Cedric Diggory" and "I Sparkle For Liz."

Point two has taken up residency in my dorm room, where he has acquired further modifications in the form of a fashionable scarf and a panda hat. He watches over me while I sleep!

Be horrified. You know I am. Although slowly he's grown on me until I can almost view him with a kind of affection.

There were some other things I wanted to talk about, but I've pretty much forgotten what they were. I've been neglecting this LJ for too long.

Oh yes, I have a Twitter now, which I promise I will never bother you LJ friends about again. However, for the interested, you now have a link.

Alright, enough of that randomness. Have a meme:

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For a couple of days now, [ profile] splintercat and I have been in an epic discussion about the State of the US Anime Sub-Culture over at her journal. It's sort of devolved into talk about various anime, now, but the epic continues. In the midst of this, [ profile] splintercat brought up the annoying-as-hell prevalence of rabid FMA fans (debate: FMA, best or best ever?), to which I replied jokingly, implying that I was one (which, sort of, yes) and revealed my love of the Ed/Al. I'm sorry, I'm sick.

But anyway, we were talking about FMA, so last night I popped in my copy of The Conquerer of Shamballa and had a little extended fangasm. I should probably qualify, THIS MOVIE ISN'T GOOD... UNLESS YOU LOVE AL. And I happen to love Al with the fire of a thousand suns. THIS MOVIE HAS NOT ONE, NOT TWO, BUT THREE VERSIONS OF AL (Armor!Al playing for the cute, German!Al playing for the hot, and re-bodied!Al, playing for the GREATEST WOOBIE IN THE UNIVERSE, I GIVE MY HEART TO YOU A THOUSAND TIMES).

And it will always hold a special place in my heart because I saw its premier at Otakon06 and no movie experience is more endearing than screaming along with thousands of other totally rabid fans at all the good bits. Had same experience with the Gravitation OAV at Otakon05. Although I might argue the Gravi OAV is better than the actual show. Sort of apples and oranges though.

The FMA movie also has one of my favorite Laraku songs ever, Link.

So I spent all of today doing last minute shopping for college supplies and playing Laraku songs in the car at top volume. My mother really should be canonized.

In other news, [ profile] copperbadge is currently releasing a new fic about blue!doctor/new!doctor/hand!doctor adjusting to life, post Journey's End. It is appropriately titled, In Another Life. Jack's just appeared in the new chapter and I've sort of gone insane with glee. Basically, it is the best thing ever, and everyone in the fandom should be reading it. Do I even need to tell people? It should just be a given that if [ profile] copperbadge writes it, it will be awesome.

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An icon dump!

Every single icon I've made so far, or at least what I feel is worth sharing. This will probably be a one time deal, unless I suddenly become really good at this photoshop thing and decide to take it up more seriously.

All of these icons are up for use, but no hotlinking. You've been warned. Please credit [ profile] search_soleil in the comment space in your userpics. Please leave a comment here if you take anything!

Hikaru No Go: 8
The Beatles: 9
Phantom of the Opera: 5
DNAngel: 3
Tsubasa Chronicle: 2
Shoebox_Project: 2
Hanakimi: 1
Kyou Kara Maou: 2
Hyde: 2
Gackt: 1
Unknown: 2
Lord of the Rings Doujin: 1
Magic Knight Rayearth: 1
Mahou Tsukai Tai: 1
New York Stock: 1
Digi Charat: 1
Three Wolves' Mountain: 1
Full Metal Alchemist: 1
Akuma de Sourou: 1

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