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Had a nice birthday. Weird that I am officially 20. For the actual day, [ profile] splintercat organized a trip to a Japanese-style karaoke place with private booths and we spent two hours making crazy, loud, off key fools out of ourselves. It was awesome. Also received amazing joke presents from friends from home, [ profile] wyvernrabbit and [ profile] enjoyabel:

1) Gone With the Nerd
2) Modified standing cut-out of Edward Cullen. Mine has sparkly Wonder Woman wrist cuffs, and buttons that say "I Support Cedric Diggory" and "I Sparkle For Liz."

Point two has taken up residency in my dorm room, where he has acquired further modifications in the form of a fashionable scarf and a panda hat. He watches over me while I sleep!

Be horrified. You know I am. Although slowly he's grown on me until I can almost view him with a kind of affection.

There were some other things I wanted to talk about, but I've pretty much forgotten what they were. I've been neglecting this LJ for too long.

Oh yes, I have a Twitter now, which I promise I will never bother you LJ friends about again. However, for the interested, you now have a link.

Alright, enough of that randomness. Have a meme:

six icons meme )

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I have that itchy, bored feeling that tells me I should be doing something, so I started messing around with my icons. Here, have a meme.


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I look at it and I cannot stop laughing.

By which I mean I've overhauled my icons so that, for the first time ever, the majority are of real people! Real live human faces! Real live Ianto!

This week has been in-fucking-sane for me for the specific reason that I haven't been sleeping. I do not know what it is, vague possibility it's PMS, but I'm going through some hardcore bouts of insomnia. Last night, I stayed up until 9AM and ended up spending the whole time downloading icons. WTF, self.

I also contemplated changing my layout, but I haven't been struck by anything over at [ profile] thefulcrum lately, and I've been getting them from her for so long that I have actually forgotten how to put together a layout on my own. I guess I'll have to read up on that again in the coming weeks. Also, I didn't realize this, but LJ saves your custom CSS for every Style you've used? So I briefly changed my layout to Flexible Squares and found that I'd resurrected House 8*, which was a blast from my past that got The Organ stuck in my head for a couple of hours. If anyone has some good tutorials to rec, I'd be grateful!

Annnnd now I am indulging in further David Tennant/RTD love by watching Casanova. Finally!

*I used to call my layouts "houses" because of astrology--the sun is in the # house, etc etc. Welcome to my brain. Never made it to 12, more's the pity.

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The Doctor = The Crying Indian.

I don't know where this came from and it definitely isn't as funny outside of my head as it is inside of it, but still, I want this parody video.

Also, why do I have no Doctor Who icons? This is a horrible oversight on my part. Please to be recommending?

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