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Had a nice birthday. Weird that I am officially 20. For the actual day, [ profile] splintercat organized a trip to a Japanese-style karaoke place with private booths and we spent two hours making crazy, loud, off key fools out of ourselves. It was awesome. Also received amazing joke presents from friends from home, [ profile] wyvernrabbit and [ profile] enjoyabel:

1) Gone With the Nerd
2) Modified standing cut-out of Edward Cullen. Mine has sparkly Wonder Woman wrist cuffs, and buttons that say "I Support Cedric Diggory" and "I Sparkle For Liz."

Point two has taken up residency in my dorm room, where he has acquired further modifications in the form of a fashionable scarf and a panda hat. He watches over me while I sleep!

Be horrified. You know I am. Although slowly he's grown on me until I can almost view him with a kind of affection.

There were some other things I wanted to talk about, but I've pretty much forgotten what they were. I've been neglecting this LJ for too long.

Oh yes, I have a Twitter now, which I promise I will never bother you LJ friends about again. However, for the interested, you now have a link.

Alright, enough of that randomness. Have a meme:

six icons meme )

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My life right now is a careening ball of awesome and crazy bouncing wildly between Christmas insanity, Havemercy modding, and Merlin love.

I barely sleep. It is like I went into fangirl finals right after my school finals finished.


Prelude: For the record and anyone who doesn't know yet, [ profile] splintercat and I are not just co-mods of [ profile] thremedon, we are also internet-married. We're even facebook-official. We aren't sockpuppets of each other, although occasionally [ profile] splintercat claims to be able to influence me psychically.

So today we were up at insane hours of the night talking about, among other things, [ profile] thremedon, internet memes and slang, and the state of our marriage. This conversation was ~*~epic~*~. I feel compelled to share these highlights:

Cut for a medium-length facebook chat. )

In other news of instanity and love, roommate [ profile] loweryourwand made me a Morgana/Uther fanvid for Christmas! With a Muse song! They are my sekrit OTP, and this particular gift is insane and angsty and also wonderful!

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Also, regarding the latest episodes of Itazura na Kiss, OH MY GOD, IT IS NEW MOON/ECLIPSE ALL OVER AGAIN. WHAT THE HELL.

Keita actually scares me with how much he resembles the Jacob Black of my imagination (please note that second link is official art from the Japanese edition of New Moon). Plus, the plot parallels are frankly eerie: he's the hot to Irie's cold, he's the best friend who wishes he could be more, his and Irie's rivalry simmers just below Kotoko's notice, etc etc etc. Now all that needs to happen is for Kotoko to cry her eyes out for the equivalent of 500 pages and then to have Irie's baby with Keita playing the emotionally tortured midwife.

ETA: Was that a spoiler? My bad. :/

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I just wanted to make a post talking about how I just cried my eyes out over yet another shoujo manga, this time Honey Hunt. Lots of good things about this manga. The author is the woman who did Hot Gimmick, which I never read, but I always loved the art on the covers. Second, it's about the entertainment industry, so hot guys who sing and fun acting jobs, etc. Can't go wrong. And clincher of clinches, the main character has pretty much been abandoned by her distant celebrity parents and is doing this job to surpass them and to try to find a place where she belongs. I told you I am easily drawn in by this type. It's very pathetic, yet also cathartic. Well, you know.

But then I realized I still haven't talked about Breaking Dawn yet, which I did read. Basically, in my own high-tolerance-for-crap way, I enjoyed it a lot. I was never even squicked. (Thank you for ruining my moral outrage meter forever, yaoi.) Also, I really, honestly, forever, with no reservations, love Jacob Black. Oh, those werewolves, they get me every time. I was glad he got to be a decent person again in the last book. I was ecstatic that he got an entire third to himself. He made a difficult arc bearable. And I am in the minority here, but I really enjoyed Bella's role in the third part. Spoiler )

it became a lot easier to just accept her Mary Sue status and get on with it. Also, the part of me that grew up with all those "each character has a different and exciting power!" shows (Sailor Moon, Captain Planet, X Men, off the top of my head) was utterly fascinated with the vague spoiler ) various talents. New OTP: new characters and related quote ) With regards to the major spoiler ), I was okay with it. Not totally won over characterization-wise, but I thought the way Meyer used it to resolve all those plot threads was respectable.

So there you go. Mock me at will. I'm incorrigible. Didn't stop me from dying a thousand deaths by laughter as I read [ profile] cleolinda's commentary/re-cap. I might yet make a decent lolfan.

Also, the issue with Firefox did indeed vanish when I upgraded to Firefox 3. Though I miss some of my add-ons very acutely, I would rather have any kind of FF over IE. Thanks [ profile] splintercat and [ profile] wyvernrabbit for the advice.

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