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I decided to do the creative story option for my Enchanted Imagination (a.k.a. my Fantasy Is Rad seminar) final, and it is in desperate need of a look-over before I hand it in tomorrow at 11:30AM EDT. If anybody runs across this post between now and 11 tomorrow morning and has time to offer some quick and dirty constructive criticism, I'd appreciate it immensely. Of course, regular constructive criticism/comments are appreciated well into the indefinite future. *wry grin*

Also, I don't have a title? Crap.

Basically, a princess falls for her animal protector, but of course he is a prince in disguise. ~5,000 words )

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Horrible thought of the day:

Torchwood vs Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Does this exist? Why do I want this to exist? I want this to exist so badly.

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In the parent's vehicle on the way to my Grandmother's "Easter for the lapsed Catholics," or "yet another thinly veiled excuse for a family reunion" dinner, and Madonna's "Like A Prayer" just came on the radio. I guess somebody in the South Jersey radio station business has a sense of humor.

Happy Easter, or whatever, everyone.

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Had a nice birthday. Weird that I am officially 20. For the actual day, [ profile] splintercat organized a trip to a Japanese-style karaoke place with private booths and we spent two hours making crazy, loud, off key fools out of ourselves. It was awesome. Also received amazing joke presents from friends from home, [ profile] wyvernrabbit and [ profile] enjoyabel:

1) Gone With the Nerd
2) Modified standing cut-out of Edward Cullen. Mine has sparkly Wonder Woman wrist cuffs, and buttons that say "I Support Cedric Diggory" and "I Sparkle For Liz."

Point two has taken up residency in my dorm room, where he has acquired further modifications in the form of a fashionable scarf and a panda hat. He watches over me while I sleep!

Be horrified. You know I am. Although slowly he's grown on me until I can almost view him with a kind of affection.

There were some other things I wanted to talk about, but I've pretty much forgotten what they were. I've been neglecting this LJ for too long.

Oh yes, I have a Twitter now, which I promise I will never bother you LJ friends about again. However, for the interested, you now have a link.

Alright, enough of that randomness. Have a meme:

six icons meme )

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Because I really want to see a Merlin fanvid set to Amy MacDonald's "A Wish For Something More." It would be Gwen's POV, and all about her crush on Merlin when she can see he is too busy crushing on Arthur to notice her. For serious, every line of this song has a corresponding Merlin scene in my head. It is so clear that I actually opened up Windows Movie Maker to attempt the impossible, but it wouldn't show my video or even import the song, so I took that as a sign that I should accept that my place in the universe does not lie in the video editing arena. Doesn't stop me pining though!

Alternatively, I could make a mix. However, I don't actually care enough about Gwen to make one that was just about her, so it would have to be everybody/Merlin and that would go the way of crack too fast for this song to really fit in it. I despair! See icon.

As a bonus for reading this strange and pretty much pointless post, here's the song in question.

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Music A Wish for Something More - Amy Macdonald
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Most recent Ouran scanlation (69) features Tamaki on a SEGWAY.



I don't think I have ever loved him more.

ETA: This chapter was seriously, seriously amazing. I'm with Kyouya--absolutely bursting with mad giggling over the return of the comedic insanity.

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SO. A MONTH LATER, I HAVE A LAPTOP AGAIN. HP customer service is really good, but I cannot say the same for their incompetent tech support division.

In celebration of my return, have a Hikago art meme. Though I think I completed it in the spirit that art was a very vague term that can encompass tooling around in paint with my roommate's tablet.

I think we can take away from this that I should never pursue a professional career in the visual arts. )

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I was just talking about the slash dragon and 1) how I still like him even after his horrible betrayal, 2) the tenor of his speeches in that last couple of episodes when he was like "us mythical beings got to stick together" or whatever, and 3) how Merlin's eyes flash golden like the dragon's eyes when he uses magic. Suddenly, the following exchange popped into my head:

Merlin: You know nothing of my father!
Dragon: Merlin, I am your father!

WTF, self. WTF.

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Here is a quick list of the aspects of my life right now that I am too lazy to write a post about:

1. I changed my layout and it is rad!
2. I read/am reading a bunch of books!
3. I got a new laptop?!

Instead, let me tell you that I finally installed Skype and I got so frustrated trying to make up a s/n that no one had taken that I somehow ended up with buckleswasher.


Are people even on Skype any more? I was told to make one by my extended family since apparently it is their preferred method of communication. However, I am not really popular in my family right now (and with my sleep-deprived ravings about metal dragons at the recent Christmas party, I don't blame them), so I doubt it will come in very handy. At least this one is funny and not just hugely egotistical like how I'm heika over at

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My life right now is a careening ball of awesome and crazy bouncing wildly between Christmas insanity, Havemercy modding, and Merlin love.

I barely sleep. It is like I went into fangirl finals right after my school finals finished.


Prelude: For the record and anyone who doesn't know yet, [ profile] splintercat and I are not just co-mods of [ profile] thremedon, we are also internet-married. We're even facebook-official. We aren't sockpuppets of each other, although occasionally [ profile] splintercat claims to be able to influence me psychically.

So today we were up at insane hours of the night talking about, among other things, [ profile] thremedon, internet memes and slang, and the state of our marriage. This conversation was ~*~epic~*~. I feel compelled to share these highlights:

Cut for a medium-length facebook chat. )

In other news of instanity and love, roommate [ profile] loweryourwand made me a Morgana/Uther fanvid for Christmas! With a Muse song! They are my sekrit OTP, and this particular gift is insane and angsty and also wonderful!

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