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While I tweet myself through my grieving process, here are three (ish) fanfic classics that

a) Prominently feature Ianto being awesome.
b) Prominently feature Ianto and Jack getting a happy (ish) ending.
c) Have multiple parts or are novella-length.
d) Have well-crafted plots on the epic scale.
e) Left a deep impression on me.

1. The Doctor & Mr Jones by [personal profile] copperbadge. Ianto is a Time Lord! This fic is basically my personal canon.

2. Unfixed Wishes by [ profile] christine_twfan. Ianto activates an alien artifact that allows him to be there for Jack when Jack needs him most, even beyond his own lifetime. This fic has a sequel/companion, Secret Admirer.

3. Get Loved, Make More, Try To Stay Alive by [personal profile] dira.* In which Ianto gets pregnant and time is very wibbly-wobbly indeed.

*Who, by the way, wrote one of my favorite Torchwood reaction posts here. Way to see the positive side!

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It's pretty darn awesome. In that it is not awesome at all. Unrepentantly so. Brain-breakingly so. It is charming in a bastardy kind of way.

I think the worst part is that more than wanting to see more of Merlin and Arthur, I am sort of dying to see more of Colin and Bradley. I am not one for the RPS usually, but I would hit that up in a heartbeat. Also, whatever the hell my thing with William Mosley is, Bradley James is a thousand times sillier, and a thousand times hotter, and thus a thousand times even more my thing. God help me.

Also, you know, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Since I am home in New Jersey and have spent half the day watching House marathons, my thank you gift to you all is a rec:

The Unwilling Host, in which the House cast has a very unique Thanksgiving. Duckling-era gen.

And now I must sleep because I am getting up at 5:45 to go do the traditional Black Friday thing with my mother. Good night!

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So I've kind of been ignoring the Intranets in favor of being with people in RL. How strange! How new! I've reached this strange plateau where I am consistently about 70 entries behind on my flist.

Well, behind on everything except [ profile] thremedon and [ profile] mistful. Speaking of, NEW COVERRRR. Speaking of, LASSST CHAPTTTTEEEEEERRRRRRRS.

Some DDG fangirling and some fandom-related ranting. )

Moving on to other aspects of my geekery, I have finally seen the original Star Wars trilogy and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. My nerd cred has received a major boost!

As for other endings I've experienced lately, cut for some anime fangirling of Itazura Na Kiss and Natsume Yuujinchou, minimal spoilers for series/season finales. )

On the RL nerd front, I went to (1) Equus last Wednesday for a pre-season showing and only paid $30 because Columbia is very good to its students. I loved it. I loved it so much I didn't even pay attention to DanRad's exposed package. I also went to (2) NY Anime Fest on Saturday, which was a nice time. I got to hang out with some cool firsties and [ profile] splintercat and her boy-thing. And then, (3) Neil Gaiman's tour stop for NY was at Columbia['s Teachers College]! I take inordinate pride in this. Yay for Columbia supporting the geeky side of book-learning! So I went and had a lovely time listening to Neil be funny and wise for two hours, and now I have a signed copy of The Graveyard Book to show for it, even if I don't know when I'll be able to read beyond the first chapter.

Which brings me to the actually real RL front, where school is sort of getting away from me. I have a paper due for Romantic Poetry on Monday, which happens to be the day of my Psych midterm, and I am not ready for either. Can I write five pages on the use of the word "minstrelsy" in Coleridge's poems? I like the idea because it allows me to explore interpretations we already touched on in class (automatically know I'm not doing it wrong!), but still, writing an entire paper on one word could present a challenge.

(Also, I really want to drop Psych? The readings are unbelievably boring, it really does nothing for my transcript, and I have discovered I have issues with being awake at 8:30 on a Monday morning, surprise surprise. However, I've already promised my friends in that class that I would do a share of the study guide, so I am forced to stay on until the midterm, which is the day before the drop deadline? Dilemma...)

Also, one of my friends--previously referred to on this journal as Paypay--is in the Sign Language Club and has been teaching me things. Today, I learned how to sign "L-U-K-E, I (AM) YOUR FATHER" and "NOOOOOOOO." Also, "What's up, zebra?" is our new unofficial catchsign. You heard it here first.

And thus, this tl;dr post to break all tl;dr posts has come full circle at 6 o'clock in the morning. It is time for me to put this and myself to bed.

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My life has been kind of crazy lately. I've been running around doing lots of summer things, such as going out to movies and staying in to movies and going to birthday parties and the like. I've also been working, which is getting shittier and shittier the longer I'm there. Oh well. Such is life.

I re-read Sailor Moon, which did not hold up as well as I hoped it would to my maturity level. God, when I was in sixth grade, Sailor Moon was my entire universe. How is this manga so mediocre?

After that though, I started watching Nodame Cantabile, which. I have no words. Wow. SO good. Amazing. Heart-warming, hilarious, pretty, thoughtful, educational. Finally got me to listen to my parents collection of classical music. Finally caused me to fall head over heels in love with Tomokazu Seki. To me, this series is on par with Hikaru no Go. It is that good, that epic, that wonderful. It also reminds me a lot of Nobuta, in that it is about a haughty guy who learns how to connect to life with the help of a strange girl. And also, the necessity of human relationships, their interconnectivity, and how love and friendship make the world go round. Superb. 5 million stars. I need an S-Oke shirt for Otakon.

Then I reread Cartograhper's Craft. Which is also superb and wonderful. I never get tired of how unrelentingly clever [ profile] copperbadge's plots and style are. So much fangirlism. How the man does it, I will never know.

This of course led to a re-reading of Come Write Me Down (a prequel to Cartographer's Craft written by [ profile] metallumai, not Sam), which, is heartbreakingly beautiful. Reading them both back to back, I actually like CWMD better, which is upsetting. But I love this Ellis and Sirius so, so much. Their feelings and their goals and their meaning to each other. God, so beautiful. And by stopping before the tear-your-heart-out ending, my love of it isn't tainted by the overbearing angst that puts me off so many Marauder-era fics. It handles the foreshadowing beautifully though.

And now I'm sort of hovering around [ profile] thremedon waiting for people to start posting madly. I want mad posting!

Next books!

The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed.

1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you intend to read.
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Reprint this list in your own LJ so we can try and track down these people who've read 6 and force books upon them ;-)

The books! )

This one is sort of late, but oh well.

Reply to this post with the answers to these questions so that I can get to know you better. Then post it on your journal so you can get to know your flist.

The questions )

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Sometimes I make this silent promise to myself that I will stop staying up until 6-ish every fucking day of the week, because I know it is bad for my health and my future and social life, but then nights like this happen and I know that while I may eventually cut down, I will never be able to give them up.

There is something so simple and gratifying about being awake in the middle of the night. Nobody expects you to be doing anything other than sleep. Whatever you choose to do with that time instead, it's all yours.

It just so happens that tonight (start time: 12:30) I watched Stranger Than Fiction with my roommate, A. This was only my second time seeing that movie, and while I enjoyed it that first time, seeing it again, with all the subtleness of its cinematography and graphic additions open to my notice, I realized for the first time that that movie is superb. Everything about it is superb. It deserves superlatives.

We had to break so that I could go do the radio show, and since Diana was off having her citizenship validated and suchlike, I brought A down with me and we had a lovely, lazy time cranking out tunes from 2-4.

Then we came back and finished the movie and I squeed some more about it, by which time A was heartily sick of me and went to bed which left me free to do a quick email check, where I learned that Drop Dead Gorgeous had updated with Chapter 10.

And then I read Chapter 10.

And then I lost my head. I went running down the hall the the study lounge--which was empty, thank God--and had a flailing FIT, in capital letters, complete with manic laughter and twitching and arm movements not seen in nature. AND IT WAS 5 IN THE MORNING SO I COULD DO IT AND KNOW THAT NO ONE WOULD WANDER IN AND SPOIL THE REVELRY IN MY MADNESS.

YES. And now I have a huge headache, but IT IS WORTH IT. YAY, 5AM.

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I love how life works sometimes.

I just read a lovely little Lily story, Touch The Face of the Stars. Some details seem to flout canon, but it has so much heart that I forgive it.

Anyway, I had just read this fic and was thinking about how much I really do love Lily and James and James/Lily and James/Lily with Harry (even if I don't read it very often because that way lies cutting behavior) and then "If I'd Found The Right Words To Say" came up on my shuffle in iTunes, and asdfjkl, I really can't listen to that song anymore because EVERY TIME it comes on I get teary-eyed thinking of them and just WOW, iTUNES YOU BE A MIND READER.

It really just screams James and Lily, Halloween Night, Post-Mortem. )

Download (right click, save as)! NOW!

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Finished The Tipping Point yesterday. My God, it was probably the most engrossing read I've had in a while. Seriously, I'm no businesswoman or entrepreneur, but I am a sociology/psychology/history fangirl and this book just took all of those things and wrapped it up in one big ball of AWESOME.

In the meantime, I'd like to bring attention to a theory that every student can relate to. I've always called it the Finals Phenomenon and it states:

At the same time that a high school or college student is preparing for exams, there will invariably be an upswing of interesting things to do that have absolutely nothing to do with studying. This is a phenomenon that is fed by both internal and external factors.

1. Midterms and finals are so stressful that anything even remotely interesting to the student will seem far more interesting during exam seasons than during ordinary time.
2. Midterm and final seasons also happen to fall at incredibly busy times of year. Midterms take place in the Christmas rush/after-rush . Finals take place as the summer rush gets its start.

And to make matters worse for myself, apparently after about a month of agonizing inactivity, my FList suddenly picked up starting last week and now I am falling further and further behind in my recs.

Honestly, could people have suddenly started asking about long, chaptered fics one week from now instead of today? I now have a 62-chapter fic staring me in the face and the pull is so strong, but I have to screw up whatever self-control I can muster and wait until Thursday to start on it so that I'm not thinking HOMG, what's going to happen to Harry next? when I'm attempting to not fail my other finals (I failed physics, I cannot even wrap my head around how bad it was).

*le sigh* I'm off to go bookmark stuff in an emergency "Do Not Open Until After Finals" folder.

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I really cannot deal with life right now. I haven't got a clue what's wrong with me other than [perhaps] spectacularly severe burnout, but I have been getting progressively more apathetic about everything in the last week or so, and today I am so exhausted that I cannot even keep my eyes open for fanfic. Yes, you read that right. I cannot even be revived with fanfic, what I consider to be my fail-safe pick-me-up.

Also, I want more w-inds. songs right now. Damn the world for getting me hooked on them through yousendit links. Actually, me getting into w-inds. may deserve some documentation.

Mousapelli: *offers links*
*apathetically downloads two CDs* Eh, might as well try them out.
Me (7 days later): Oh yeah, I have w-inds. stuff, don't I? *unzips, puts on Winamp playlist*
Me (5 minutes later):
Wow, he really does sound like a woman. This is not to my taste at all. *keeps it on anyway*
Me (20 minutes later):
*feels funny* Mm? What's this? I feel sort of... disgustingly happy?
Me (23 minutes later):
*is converted* Oh, my God. They're so unrepentantly boy-band that they are somehow awesome! *goes to download more*
Mousapelli's links:
*are dead*
*attempts not to scream in untold agony*
Seriously, just like that.

Also, I am watching Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. Where has this movie been all my life?

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As a general rule of thumb, there are only two things that bother me about the Harry Potter fandom. The first thing has deserted me in my BLINDING RAGE over the second. This second thing happens to be that, even though "Warnings" is a commonplace inclusion when beginning a story -- in much the same way that "Rating" and "Disclaimer" are socially accepted and often necessary -- many people feel no inclination to warn about things that could actually have any bearing on the reader's sensibilities.

I am not picky. Seriously, I have been reading fanfic for so long now, there is very little left that phases me. There is only one thing that I really cannot stand to read, and for some reason, it is the one thing that nobody warns about. That reason, most say, is that it ruins the ending. I say, I do not want to read a story where one of the main characters dies at the end. I hate character death. I hate it most when said character has been fighting to build a relationship and then, instead of being left alone to take advantage of the happy ending they have earned, the author kills the character off, thus taking all of my emotional investment and smashing it into teeny-tiny, heart-broken pieces.

That being said, I will now fly into said blinding rage, complete with superfluous usage of capital letters and inflammatory four-letter words. )

Anyway, I suppose that's all the catharsis I'm going to get. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday. *scowls*

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This week has been plagued by headaches. Hair-induced, teeth-induced, eye-induced, car-induced, stress-induced, you name it and I've had it. It is really starting to get annoying. Right now, I've just got a my-left-frontal-lobe-is-trying-to-forcibly-remove-itself-from-my-skull-type headache and I'm in a right melancholy mood.

For some reason, I read a long, angsty fic today. I do not understand what comes over me when I do things like this. My head says "Oh, this is going to be a bad one" and then keeps reading and eventually my heart goes "Ow! Why did you do that? You are generally cruel and quite masochistic, head!" Goddamn you, Remus Lupin! Why must your life be so all-encompassingly tragic?

To placate myself for this rather unwise choice in reading material, I've spent the past hour looking at LJ icons of Messr. Moseley. I may be an otaku with a 2D-complex, but let it never be said that my hormones cannot be moved in the direction of the living.


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