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Subject title in dedication to my two four-times-over loves right now, the Glee pilot and Star Trek. I've tried to write posts about them, but they've all come out garbled. I've seen them both four times in the space of a month! I love them lots! I follow twitters about them! I've allowed my brain to be infected by the virus known as [ profile] ontd_startrek! Beyond that, my ability to express myself about them falls into incoherency and violent affection!

I don't know why I failed to post for so long, when I had plenty of stuff to talk about. Mostly I think it's because I feel guilty that I haven't been reading my flist. I love you all, so I feel bad when I don't check up on you regularly. :(

I sort of have a job lined up, if the paperwork ever goes through. I spent Memorial Day weekend in Atlantic City with [personal profile] saezutte and my future suitemates and we had lots of fun and one very heated game of Monopoly which I lost miserably. I am a sore loser, but also I was menstrual. It was a recipe for disaster.

I also saw Up. Such a cute, lovely movie. The love for Pixar in my household runs deep and true, so I'm going to see it again with the parents tomorrow and watch my mother freak out with love and my father get teary eyed, because I predict that is what they will do. I predict I will be the embarrassed, but entertained one in the middle.

What has finally driven me to fire up to ol' "Post an Entry" page is that I finished The Demon's Lexicon about 20 minutes ago and I wanted to tell any skeptics on my flist to give it a shot, because it is very, very good.

Short review, no spoilers. )

On to The Demon's Covenant! I am pleased to say I look forward to it with high hopes and no reservations!

*Though she didn't use it in quite the same context, I did steal this joke subject from [ profile] sparkly_stuff, who, incidentally, did a hilarious "I'm on a Boat" rewrite for Star Trek over here.

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Thank you so much, everyone who commented on my last post. It means a lot to me. And you'll be relieved to hear that later that day I had a whole breakdown/cryfest that resolved a lot of the lingering issues, and I have been up and about for well over a week. Just in time for a CRAZY MIDTERM WEEK OF DOOM.

As proof of my gratitude, I will not complain about the midterm madness and will instead move on to lighter topics.

Things I have been doing with my time that you might actually be interested to hear about:

Merlin fandom (through Delicious) - I think I need to have Delicious taken away from me. It is a terrible and addictive timesuck and my network is far too enabling of the crazy fangirl indulgence. My Bradley James love continues to reach new heights of creepitude every day.

Anime-related bold points: Code Geass, Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou, Earl and Fairy )

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Okay, so I am watching the show for the first time? I'm kind of in the middle of season 2 right now? I'm enjoying myself, but in true Elizabeth form failing to really love it because it has been over-hyped? However, I've heard the show doesn't really get truly awesome until like, season 5 or so? And Bradley James is a huge fanboy, so I figure this is just another way I am succumbing to the insanity of my love for him.

Antique - As in the Korean movie adaptation of Antique Bakery with the general hotness factor, and in particular the gay text/subtext quotient, turned up to 11. Basically, already awesome Antique Bakery now with SMOKING HOT GAY LOVIN' with a French Jonathan Rhys Meyers look-alike. And THREE-DIMENSIONAL(!) insanely delicious-looking pastry. And insanely GORGEOUS set designs and cinematography. And INSANELY INSANE RANDOM MUSICAL INTERLUDES. I basically watched this movie with my mouth hanging open the entire time.

Also, I had another Merlin dream where I was traveling with the gang in a kind of modern world, where we all had monster companions. Like, I'm talking digimon/pokemon, Japanese fighting familiar, amalgam-ish monsters. There were stock poses and cg sparkle effects and shit. My subconscious is an amazing place.

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I look at it and I cannot stop laughing.

By which I mean I've overhauled my icons so that, for the first time ever, the majority are of real people! Real live human faces! Real live Ianto!

This week has been in-fucking-sane for me for the specific reason that I haven't been sleeping. I do not know what it is, vague possibility it's PMS, but I'm going through some hardcore bouts of insomnia. Last night, I stayed up until 9AM and ended up spending the whole time downloading icons. WTF, self.

I also contemplated changing my layout, but I haven't been struck by anything over at [ profile] thefulcrum lately, and I've been getting them from her for so long that I have actually forgotten how to put together a layout on my own. I guess I'll have to read up on that again in the coming weeks. Also, I didn't realize this, but LJ saves your custom CSS for every Style you've used? So I briefly changed my layout to Flexible Squares and found that I'd resurrected House 8*, which was a blast from my past that got The Organ stuck in my head for a couple of hours. If anyone has some good tutorials to rec, I'd be grateful!

Annnnd now I am indulging in further David Tennant/RTD love by watching Casanova. Finally!

*I used to call my layouts "houses" because of astrology--the sun is in the # house, etc etc. Welcome to my brain. Never made it to 12, more's the pity.

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The Doctor = The Crying Indian.

I don't know where this came from and it definitely isn't as funny outside of my head as it is inside of it, but still, I want this parody video.

Also, why do I have no Doctor Who icons? This is a horrible oversight on my part. Please to be recommending?

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So, my life right now. I don't even know where my time is going. I haven't read my FList since the last time I posted. Which is not to say that I haven't been following the LJ. On the contrary, I seem to be around quite often. It's just that it's become a very specific following of very specific things. For example, the shit-ton of Janto fic I've been reading lately. And the fanmixes I've been downloading. And the communities and friends I can be bothered to check up on when I see them pop up on my Firefox alert for new FList posts.

So. I've been reading a shit-ton of a lot of things in the past month. Most of it is shoujo manga. Basically, any and every short shoujo manga that comes up in [ profile] goosygirl_icons. That girl has fantastic taste. It has become a problem. A time- and bandwidth-consuming problem.

Also, I've been following Nodame Cantabile season 2, which, can I just say, ack. The picture quality in the second season has dropped off the charts. It still has great voice actors and a great story and its the quality and not the aesthetic that's changed, so it's bearable (not like, say, Antique Bakery, which I still haven't watched because the aesthetic quality of that anime is abhorrent to me), but still. It pains me in a the way that one might be pained to see their lover make a horrible faux pas. You love them, right? But you kind of don't want to be seen with them. Oh Nodame, you are not making it easy for me to spread this love I have for you.

What else, what else. Well, there was a lot of school stuff going on this October as well. I had midterms and an insane paper/presentation thing on Yeats whom, let me qualify, I have loved for years, but possibly never want to hear another word about ever again. I ended up dropping that Psych class and my life is a thousand times better off for it.

Over the past long weekend (Columbia closes up for Election Day weekend) I re-watched Torchwood, every episode of Doctor Who with Captain Jack, and also, incongruously, The Sarah Jane Adventures. Then Wednesday night I was cleaning out my gmail account and ran across [ profile] arekuru's old rec of the Kimi Wa Petto drama, and randomly decided to start watching it. Such a wonderful mistake. I stayed up all night and ended up sleeping through my first class, but GOD, OH MY GOD, I LOVE KIMI WA PETTO. I've been rereading as much of the manga as I've been able to find online. God, no josei will ever be as great as this one. Love love love.


This is me attempting not to make this into an insane tl;dr post, but I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their lives as much as I have been enjoying mine. If you haven't, I advise you to repeat the words "PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA" to yourself as many times as it takes for the awesomeness of that statement to sink in. :D

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I blame [ profile] arekuru entirely.

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The internet at my house is shitty beyond belief. I am posting from my phone.

Hooooouuuuussssseee. *cries and cries*

That is all. D:

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1) New default icon! Everybody should read Kimi ni Todoke (Reaching You). It's only on the third chapter or so, but it is lovely and hilarious. Sort of a mix of PGE/Wallflower's premise and Fruits Basket's good-heartedness.

2) It has come to pass that basically everyone I talk to about NYCC ends up deciding to go. Something about the call of the awesome. I am merely a messenger!

3) My birthday was sort of weird this year, mostly because I've been kind of down and nothing really spectacular happened to get me out of it. I will say that marathoning a bit of Oofuri with [ profile] splintercat was awesome, because that is just how Oofuri and marathons are. My Domo wall calendar has Domo playing baseball for April, and I find this fitting and appropriate.

4) I played Katamari Damacy! I suck less than Akira Touya, but more than just about everyone in the real world! (This is kind of how video games and me are. I have trouble spatially coordinating myself in my own body with my own eyes. Asking me to spatially coordinate myself with little joysticks is perhaps too much to ask.) Someday I will get someone to play Kingdom Hearts I and II and the Phoenix Wright games for me, but I fear I have a long time to wait still.

5) Insert gratuitous and rather cryptic mention of Cthulhu here that really boils down to "Okay, I am totally obsessed with CUSFS."

6) My academic life still sucks. Every single class I'm taking this semester is leaving me dissatisfied for one reason or another, and yet I am still busting my butt to make B+ averages. This is new and rather unpleasant for me. :/

7) I am sort of in a yaoi/sho-ai phase right now and I think those who share this interest should run and not walk to Yamada Yugi's Darenimo Aisarenai and other works because they seriously make me incoherent with love. There's another one I know I meant to rec, but a lot of time has passed between that thought and this entry.

8) Damn you Diana! Just so everyone knows, The Big Bang Theory is awesome.

ETA: Why I shouldn't make journal entries on little sleep in the wee hours of the morning: vague descriptors ahoy! ('Kind of's and 'sort of's in this entry: 5, as well as 'basically,' 'rather,' 'something,' 'or so,' and 'for one reason or another.')

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